Mayuri’s career has foraged beyond the traditional dance network. Her canvas of work depicts a wide range. A beautifully balanced mix of visual interpretations, cultural sensitivity, conditioning future generations, and capacity building, marks her two decades long journey.

On one hand of her creative spectrum are the cinemascopic renditions, experimental works, emotion-stirring choreography – like her contemporary work, Bollywood movies like Mirzya, the epic musical Mughal-e-Azam, and Harivanshrai Bachchan’s Madhushala, to just name a few.

While on the other hand is her conceptualizing prowess for varied projects, designing and leading the Teaching for Arts India initiative, and actively working in preserving and promoting our cultural traditions by presenting it in the modern context. And to top it all, Bangalore based dance organization Nritarutya is growing steady and strong under her artistic direction.

She is the winner of numerous awards, including a Manav Ratna for Contribution in the Field of Arts and Culture and International Competition for Choreography Concept in South Korea. And with every project, Mayuri is redefining the way dance is perceived, appreciated and treated. In 2018, she has been voted Best Choreographer by Broadway World for her work in Mughal-E-Azam, the Musical Play.

Her work is known to have a connection with people, and her themes talk about things which she feels strongly about. She creates opportunities where none are visible, and reinforces the fact that dance is an art form which transcends the demographic and socio-cultural divides.

Her transformation from a simple neighbourhood girl to a visionary entrepreneur is attributed to her grounding in Indian classical forms, complemented by contemporary training. But most of all, it is attributed to her vision of making dance a sustainable industry in India, which when woven with innovation, has the potential to reach all segments of society.